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Author and commentator Mark Steyn dismissed the notion that Russian President Vladimir Putin was pulling the strings behind the meeting of Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer.

"The guy [who Trump Jr.] is colluding with is a washed-up pop music publicist for John Denver in the 1980s," Steyn, a "Rush Limbaugh Show" guest host, said.

Steyn said Robert Goldstone, who he said is now a publicist for a pop star in Azerbaijan, would never be someone Putin would confide in to collude with the Trumps.

However, Steyn said because her name is now in the news, Veselnitskaya probably has newfound "ties" to the Kremlin.

He said the idea floated by Democrats and some Republicans that Putin would do such a thing "ludicrous."

Steyn said there'd be no way for a person to be charged for "colluding with the publicist for an Azerbaijani pop singer."

"A sleazy bar in Baku is a good place to find a couple of Baku singers [though]," Steyn said, playing off the Azerbaijani capital's name.

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