GOP Opponent Blasts Globetrotting De Blasio with Epic Tweet

Pirro: De Blasio More Interested in Int'l 'Street Cred' Than Leading NYC

For the second time in recent memory, rank-and-file NYPD officers turned their backs in a show of solidarity against Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), the New York Post reported.

De Blasio has taken heat from police officers for his ambivalence over Black Lives Matter protests, as well as remarks he made in the wake of the Eric Garner incident.

At the time, de Blasio said he warned his multi-racial son, Dante, about how to deal with police if confronted.

Two years after cops ignored de Blasio's speech during the funeral of slain Officer Wenjian Liu, the police again silently made their feelings known.

De Blasio was attending the funeral for Officer Miosotis Familia, a mother of three who was assassinated in her squad car last week.

The mayor was blasted for jetting off to Germany to join anti-Trump and anti-capitalist protests during the G-20 summit instead of directly dealing with the incident.

The Post reported that the dozens of officers attending the ceremony at a Grand Concourse megachurch turned away from the mayor when he began speaking.

They were seen toying with their cell phones or talking with one another, promptly turning back to face the dais when their commissioner, James O'Neill, took over the mic.

Independent mayoral candidate Richard "Bo" Dietl, a former NYPD gang detective, promised to give de Blasio a piece of his mind if the two passed at the funeral.

“If I see Big Bird [de Blasio] at the funeral, I intend to tell him to his face that he is a disgrace," Dietl said in a statement. “His job calls for him to stay here and deal with a suffering city in mourning.”

Last week, Republican challenger Nicole Malliotakis ripped the mayor in a photoshopped tweet that portrayed him enjoying traditional German fare.

Watch Judge Jeanine Pirro discuss de Blasio's relationship with police, above.

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