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A new poll from the Pew Research Center said there are deep divisions in how Republicans and Democrats view institutions like the media and universities.

A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaners said colleges have a negative effect on the U.S., while 72 percent of those on the other end of the political spectrum say they have a positive effect.

Sixty-five percent of conservatives have a negative view of colleges, while 45 percent of moderate and left-leaning Republicans do.

By a ratio of about eight-to-one, Republicans as a whole said the media has a negative effect on America.

Ten percent of Republicans said the media has a positive effect on the country, while 44 percent of Democrats think so.

Half of all Democrats say banks are good institutions, but nearly three-quarters of Republicans say the same.

Eric Bolling said it was "surprising" that more Democrats did not feel the media was a positive force in their view.

"I think that we're split as a country [overall]," media reporter Joe Concha said.

Eboni Williams said the poll is another reason to challenge colleges to "do better" to be houses of free speech and areas where opportunity for all can flourish.

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