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Former presidential candidate Howard Dean claimed that a "criminal enterprise" is now controlling the United States. 

Dean, formerly the governor of Vermont and chair of the DNC, said President Trump is a liar - especially when it comes to Russia - and everyone knows it. 

He was reacting to new reports alleging Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian attorney last summer in an attempt to find out damaging information on Hillary Clinton. 

"The real savior for democracy is going to be Robert Mueller. He's going to find out what the truth is," said Dean on MSNBC.

Dean said even Trump's supporters know he doesn't tell the truth, but they back him anyway. 

He said it's "beginning to look more and more" like Russia influenced the outcome of the presidential election, citing the "drip, drip, drip" of reports on contacts between the Kremlin and the Trump team. 

Earlier today, the Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr. denied she has links to the Kremlin and denied ever possessing dirt on Clinton. 

A lawyer for Trump Jr. said the president's eldest son "did nothing wrong."

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