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Fleischer: Trump Jr. Meeting Was 'Bad Judgment,' Not Evidence of Collusion With Russia

Motivational speaker Larry Winget said Donald Trump Jr. and his father's administration "caused their own problem" in regards to a meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Winget said Trump Jr. was one of several people in the president's orbit who denied that campaign staff had any meetings with the Russians.

He said that the best policy is to "tell the truth in every situation."

"The American people will forgive you for anything if you're honest," Winget, author of "What's Wrong With Damn Near Everything," said.

"If you're denying stuff you know isn't true, you end up looking bad," he said.

Winget said that Trump and others lack the "core value" of honesty and integrity.

He said Trump appears to be "conditional" when dealing with people, in that he will only be honest to people that are the same in return.

"[He] should be honest because it's the right thing to do," Winget said, adding that Trump Jr. "needs to take responsibility and apologize" for the meeting, rather than trying to legitimize it.

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