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Guy Benson thinks people are getting out over their skis with speculation about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer, but there are serious questions that need to be answered.

The New York Times reported that Trump Jr. was informed in an email that attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya would offer him compromising information about Hillary Clinton in a June 2016 meeting.

Trump Jr. has confirmed that he originally went into the meeting with the impression Veselnitskaya might have information on Clinton useful to his father's campaign, but he said nothing came from the meeting and he was unaware that Veselnitskaya was possibly Kremlin-connected.

"There's a part of me that wonders, 'Is this too perfect?'" Benson said on "America's Newsroom" today. "There's another part of me that says, 'If the email exists, it's very serious here.'"

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He said people should be cautious with this report, because it cites unnamed sources and the Times reporters apparently haven't seen the email themselves.

"There are some weird elements to this whole story," Benson said.

He acknowledged, however, that it looks suspicious that yet another member of the Trump team had a connection with Russia. He said it's also suspicious that Trump Jr. has shifted his story a couple times as new information came out.

"I think it's a bit much to claim, at this point, there's nothing to see here," Benson said. "It may not be a smoking gun, but it smells like some smoke."

He said the fact that multiple Trump associates have had to walk back claims about having no contact with Russia - from Jeff Sessions to Jared Kushner to Trump Jr. - "gives an appearance of guilt."

He said sworn testimony from Trump Jr. would be helpful in clearing this up, but it's most critical to see the actual email, if it exists.

"I don't think that they're out of the woods on this particular story," Benson said, urging people to "wait and see."

"I think we've seen a lot of people getting out over their skis, jumping to conclusions on both sides. 'He's guilty.' 'He's innocent.' 'It's a bombshell.' 'It's nothing,'" Benson said. "We don't know yet, but this is serious and should be taken seriously."

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