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A California sheriff who disagrees with a potential new law banning cooperation with ICE authorities says the state's Democrats drafted it to "stick it" to President Trump.

Tucker Carlson characterized Senate Bill 54 as a "sanctuary state law," as it bars federal agents from state jails and immigration databases.

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said it is all "about sticking it to the [Trump] administration."

She said Senate President Pro-Tempore Kevin DeLeon (D-Los Angeles) characterized it as a way to "stop the Trump deportation machine."

Hutchens said that political venture comes at the cost of Californians' safety.

She said it would stop her from letting the feds know about an illegal immigrant felon in her jail.

Hutchens told Carlson that, although the act would violate federal law, she is likely to be reported to Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) if she violates the new state law.

The bill has not yet become law, but Carlson said it is expected to in the heavily Democratic California legislature.

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