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Brad Woodhouse, a longtime Democratic strategist, said President Trump's speech contained phrases that are "dog whistles" for white nationalist elements.

"I don't think that we should over-analyze speeches written for Donald Trump to read," Woodhouse said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

He said that, instead of looking at the speech as one given by the president, observers should take a look at who likely wrote it.

Woodhouse said Trump is "not intellectually curious" and may not realize what he is saying.

He said speechwriter Stephen Miller is a friend of former Breitbart editor and White House adviser Stephen Bannon.

Woodhouse said Bannon has ties to the white nationalist movement.

"Western civilization and Christian Values are dog whistles to white nationalists," he said, citing phrases in the speech.

Tucker Carlson disagreed, saying he was not going to "go down the 'white nationalist' rabbit hole."

"This is insane," Carlson said. "Can we at least have an adult conversation really quick."

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