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President Trump is upsetting the mainstream media and the elites by refusing to continue with the "Europeanization" of the United States, Stuart Varney said today. 

In his "Varney's Take" segment, the Fox Business anchor noted the hostility from the media after Trump's trip to the G-20 Summit. 

Varney said he's been in America for 40 years and has been surprised - especially in under Barack Obama - at the push to make America more like Europe. 

"Socialized medicine, open borders, dislike of the military and the religion of climate change. They were all full-tilt in the Obama years. The coastal elites are very much onboard with the Europeanization of America," said Varney.

He said the media was "apoplectic" at Trump's performance at the summit in Germany because the president is leading the "de-Europeanization," especially on climate change

"On open borders, he's said 'enough, we're gonna control who comes in and you should do the same, you Europeans,'" said Varney. 

Varney concluded that many people who admire the U.S. and choose to emigrate here "sometimes find it hard to believe that the homegrown elites are so intent on making us like them."

On "The Story," a UK Telegraph columnist explained that Europeans are actually far friendlier to Trump's ideas than politicians across the pond would have you believe.

Watch the full commentary above.

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