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Epic video of a new U.S. Navy ship being launched sideways into Lake Michigan has gone viral.

The Navy slid the U.S.S. Billings into the water at a skew angle from a shipyard near the Wisconsin-Michigan border.

The $300 million, 3,900-ton ship was named for Montana's largest city.

It was designed to locate and disarm mines and fight against enemy submarines.

The Billings' launching did raise eyebrows, however, after it was christened with a simple $8 bottle of wine.

Sharla Tester, the wife of Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), broke the bottle over the bow shortly before it hit the Great Lakes water.

According to the Navy Times, the Testers joined Billings Mayor Tom Hanel (R) and two city council members for the launch.

Watch more above.

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