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Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said James Comey was "very elusive" when asked about the leaked memos from his conversations with President Trump.

Earlier today, the president accused the former FBI director of illegally leaking his memos to the media. 

The former House Oversight Committee chairman said on "Outnumbered" today that Comey's refusal to discuss his writing of the memos "raised an eyebrow."

"When I had a chance to personally talk with Director Comey, he was very elusive on this point. I asked him specifically about the disposition, where the location was and he would not talk about it," said Chaffetz, noting he had a few phone conversations with Comey. 

A source close to the matter told Fox News that the memos are being handled as government records, not personal documents.

Chaffetz agreed that the notes on the conversations are "most likely classified" and cannot then be handed over to a reporter.

"You can't do that. It's against the law," he said, pointing out Comey is said to have typed the memos on an FBI computer.

President Trump re-tweeted a video showing Chaffetz making a similar statement this morning on "Fox & Friends."

Watch the discussion above.

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