Dem Strategist: Trump's Poland Speech Contained 'Dog Whistles to White Nationalists'

Chicago 'Antifa' Opens 'Self-Defense Gym' to Fight 'White Nationalism' in Trump's 'AmeriKKKa'

Greg Gutfeld criticized media personalities who categorized President Trump's speech in Poland as "stark" and "white-America-first."

"Our values will prevail - our people will thrive," Trump said last week in Warsaw.

Some in the media, including Australia Broadcasting Company's Chris Uhlmann, criticized Trump's address.

Uhlmann said Trump's "skill set" shows an "illness in western democracies" that he has no intention to "cure."

"Some will cheer the decline of America, but I think we'll miss it when it's gone," Uhlmann said.

Gutfeld said Uhlmann and others in the media have "identity politics rabies."

"The West is always the oppressor [and] we must always pay," he said.

"You can give Donald Trump a chance or you can mimic the media and follow Europe off the plank," he said.

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