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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) got into it on the radio with a caller who did not take kindly to the viral picture of him on the beach during a government shutdown.

Christie, who was sub-hosting for sportscaster Mike Francesa on WFAN, immediately cut off "Mike from Montclair" after the caller referenced his "fat a** on a beach" that was closed to the public.

The governor was pictured last week at Island Beach State Park in Ocean County, a miles-long strip of state-owned coast, shortly after shutting down the state government.

Christie said at the time that Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Secaucus) refused to send him a "fiscally-responsible" budget.

"Governor, next time you want to sit on the beach that is closed to the entire world except you, you put your fat a** in a car and go to one that's open to all your constituents," Mike in Montclair said.

LOOK: Chris Christie Lounges on NJ Beach Closed to the Public

"I love getting calls from Communists in Montclair," Christie said of the north Jersey suburb. 

Christie admonished the man as a "bum" for "swearing on the air" and later dumped the call because he was "polluting the airwaves."

He dismissed "Mike" as a run-of-the-mill left-winger from one of two counties he lost in his first election bid in the blue Garden State.

Christie is reportedly undergoing a trial run on the radio network, in hopes that he scores the retiring Francesa's chair full-time.

Listen to the heated exchange above.

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