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A freshman Republican senator said he sent a letter to GOP leadership asking them to cancel the annual August recess because there is a lot left to do on Capitol Hill.

"We need to work as hard as President Trump is working," Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) said on "America's News HQ."

He and Eric Shawn joked that it would be nice to take a summer respite down in Gulf Shores, but said that work must come before play.

"We should be rolling up our sleeves," he said, adding that taking a break without fully addressing health care, the debt ceiling and tax reform "doesn't sit well" with him.

Strange said that, although he has only been in office since the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he knows how important it is to taxpayers that their representatives are getting things done.

He said he wrote a letter to Senate leaders hoping it will sway them to cancel the month-long break.

Regarding ObamaCare replacement, Strange said his constituents also support his position of repealing the law first and having a grace period to come up with a replacement bill.

Strange said Republicans are "vigorously" working to strike a deal with the ten or so legislators who have shied away from the current bill.

Watch the clip above.

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