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A clip of President Trump offering an act of kindness to a U.S. Marine as he prepared to board Marine One on a blustery day has gone viral.

The young Marine was standing stock still at attention as his hat lay on the ground several feet away at Joint Base Andrews.

Instead of getting directly on his Marine One helicopter, Trump decided to offer the Marine a hand.

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While being escorted by military and Secret Service officers, the president paused to pick up the hat and walked over to the Marine, who did not flinch.

As he placed the hat back on the Marine's head, it was caught by the wind and flew off once again.

Trump was set to go get it again, but someone else did it for him so he could board.

On FBN this morning, Lea Gabrielle - a former Navy pilot - noted that in the military, it is actually referred to as a cover, not a hat.

The president was preparing to take the puddle-jump from the Camp Springs, Md. base to the White House after a few days at the G-20 summit in Germany.

Watch the clip above.

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