Telegraph Columnist Says Much of Europe Is Actually Pro-Trump

Retired NYPD cop John Rafferty said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is "emboldening criminals" by not supporting the NYC police force.

"If anything he ran a campaign as an anti-cop," Rafferty said.

De Blasio received backlash this week for ditching NYC for Germany the day after an NYPD police officer and mom of three was shot dead in cold blood in the Bronx. The mayor gave a keynote speech Saturday to anti-Trump, anti-capitalist rioters at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg.

Despite immediately leaving his grieving city, de Blasio said he would go to the police officer's funeral and during his Hamburg speech gave a shout out to cops.

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“Our right to protest is directly related to the fact that our police protect us,” he told the crowd.

Nevertheless, Rafferty called him "more of an activist than a mayor" who is after "his own personal agenda."

"I think they're better off that he wasn't there," at the swearing in ceremony for new cops Thursday, Rafferty said.

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