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Tucker Carlson battled a former consultant for the Homeland Security Department over the "unprecedented" amount of leaks hemorrhaging from the Trump administration.

"The leaks that matter and the ones that undermine our ability to run the government and to be safe are the ones coming from the permanent staff," Tucker told Mustafa Tameez. 

The current White House has suffered from a nearly constant flow of leaks containing sensitive information to major news outlets.

"Sometimes they're useful," Carlson said.

However, a new Senate Homeland Security Committee report found that the Trump administration is averaging one leak per day containing "information that is potentially damaging to national security."

The reports have come from CNN, "The New York Times," "The Washington Post," and many others and often refer to unnamed sources. Many have turned out to be false or misleading.

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Tameez argued that since President Trump has not earned the respect of his staff, they leak damaging information.

The former Homeland Security consultant mentioned Reality Winner, an National Security Agency contractor who mailed classified information to a media outlet and is currently awaiting trial in October.

"So you're blaming Trump for Reality Winner?" Carlson asked. "I don't know why you make excuses for that. It's totally against the law, and it's wrong." Carlson concluded.

Watch the whole exchange above.

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