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Journalist Fraser Nelson said Europe is much more friendly to President Trump's ideas than politicians across the pond would have you believe.

"There is so much more sympathy for Trump ideas than you would guess from listening to the debates among the European political elites," the "Telegraph" columnist told host Dana Perino.

"Many EU (European Union) leaders are coming around to Mr. Trump's way of thinking ... in many areas, European popular opinion is firmly on his side," Fraser wrote in a recent column.

While Trump is usually portrayed as a "crazy" guy with "out there" ideas, the public is not as "traumatized" by this administration as European leaders are, Fraser said.

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Many in Europe agree with the president's conviction that globalism must be dialed back, although Trump's personal style does put a lot of people off, the writer commented.

Those who agree with the president "tend not to be the ones that protest outside G-20 meetings," Fraser said. "That's not quite their style."

"The kind of coalition that brought Donald Trump to power in America certainly can be seen all over Europe, mainly behind a lot of the populist movements whose popularity is doing really well right now."

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