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Charles Krauthammer believes that President Donald Trump delivered a "great speech" in Warsaw, Poland, on Thursday.

Trump spoke about a wide range of issues, including creating "stronger ties" of trade and commerce between the U.S. and Europe, affirming our commitment to Article 5 of the NATO treaty, and encouraging Europe to move away from its dependence on Russian energy resources.

Krauthammer said it was a strong contrast to Trump's inaugural address in January.

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"This was a refutation - root and branch - of the ideas underlying the inaugural address, which was 'America first, the allies are parasites, we're now going to stick up for ourselves.' There was none of that."

Instead, Krauthammer said, Trump delivered an address that was an "ode" to treaties, alliances and trade.

He added that Trump went out of his way to speak about Polish history, particularly the "depredations" of the Soviet Union during both World War II and the Cold War.

"And then to top it off, he talked about the ... [Russian] use of monopoly and pressure in energy resources that's been going on," Krauthammer said. "This was a very anti-Russian speech, very uncharacteristic of this president."

He said the big question the Polish people will have is if Trump will take the same tone with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their first face-to-face meeting tomorrow.

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