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Huge protests are underway ahead of tomorrow's kickoff of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. 

Police are using tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons in an effort to disperse the crowds, as protesters throw bottles and other projectiles.

Video showed arrests being made as anti-globalization demonstrators descend on the international meetings. 

President Trump arrived in the city today ahead of the summit, at which he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Hundreds of protesters held a "zombie" walk earlier today. The zombie costumes are intended to represent political apathy. 

A Sky News reporter at the scene said throughout the afternoon the crowds were peaceful, but the situation started to turn in early evening. 

Alex Rossi said people dressed in black and wearing masks began to arrive, appearing intent on causing chaos and violence.

He said there have been "ugly clashes" over the last few hours between police and protesters as SWAT teams move in to remove the "troublemakers" on the streets. 

Watch the footage above.

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