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British author Douglas Murray wrote a recent piece in The Sun, arguing that Europe is paying the price for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s "migrant madness."

He said that the intensifying refugee crisis has become the "new normal," and it's driving the European Union apart.

"The flow must be stopped with those who shouldn’t be here returned. For the meantime, our continent continues its current experiment," Murray wrote. "Crazy. Unforgivable. Suicidal."

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Murray pointed out that Merkel increased Germany's population by two percent in 2015 alone when she essentially opened her country's borders to refugees.

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He said that mass migration to Europe has only continued after Merkel's "invitation," with tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Murray said that other countries are increasingly feeling the effects of this, pointing to Austria’s announcement that it is deploying 750 troops to its border with Italy to help stop the flow of refugees.

"If everyone is starting to realize this, why don't we start to think now about the ways to solve this?" Murray said.

He said it was inevitable that these short-sighted refugee policies would result in a catastrophe, and he lamented that so many leaders have been "woefully slow" in coming to that realization.

"I think that the lessons that America, in particular, has to learn from this are incredibly striking," Murray said.

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