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A new poll from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist found that more Americans trust the White House than the media.

37 percent of those polled said they trust the Trump administration, compared to 30 percent for the media and 29 percent for Congress.

A majority of Democrats, 56 percent, have faith in the media while only nine percent of Republicans trust the press.

The survey of 1,205 adults was conducted June 21 through June 25.

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On "Outnumbered" today, Meghan McCain said the 2016 election showcased just how disconnected most journalists are with everyday Americans.

"I think part of the problem - especially with CNN right now - is that there is such a massive distrust with the commentators they have on television, because I think a lot of Americans feel lied to by them," McCain said.

Abby Huntsman said she's spoken to many Trump supporters, and she was struck by how those people have felt for years like they didn't have a voice.

"They've never had someone fighting for them, speaking for them," Huntsman said. "The mainstream media has never spoken to them. And they are happy the president is fighting this, whether you agree with his tweets or not."

See more reaction from "Outnumbered" above.

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