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Herman Cain said Congress should stay in Washington during their August recess to get the people's work done.

After returning from their Independence Day break, Congress only has a few weeks of work scheduled before taking August off to return to their districts.

Cain, a 2012 presidential candidate, said President Trump works with an "unprecedented" sense of urgency

He said that the Congress must stay in-session keep up with him.

He said Trump "needs a Congress that has that same sense of urgency."

Cain added that the growing threat from North Korea should prompt a cancellation of the recess.

He said that if Congress is in-session when or if Dictator Kim Jong-un "acts stupidly" against the U.S., they will be able to immediately vote to grant Trump war powers if necessary.

"It'll be a very short war, but the president would have to go to Congress," he said, projecting that the American military would quash any threat from Pyongyang instantaneously.

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