REACTION: CNN Accused of 'Blackmailing' Man Who Created Trump Wrestling GIF

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Commentator Mark Steyn said CNN has gone off the deep end in their reaction to a GIF showing President Trump punching them in the face.

Steyn, a "Rush Limbaugh Show" sub-host, said it was ridiculous for the network to have researchers comb the internet to find the GIF creator's identity.

CNN forced the person to apologize and remove his content in exchange for the network keeping his identity secret.

"Why not figure out where [ISIS leader Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi is?" Tucker Carlson asked.

"A major news organization is policing some no-name schlub's internet content and threatening to reveal his identity if he transgresses their particular standards," Steyn said.

"Wolf Blitzer has basically put a horse's head in this guy's bed," he added, referencing "The Godfather."

Steyn blasted anchor Chris Cuomo for a now-deleted tweet asking the public whether his network should reveal the GIF creator's identity.

"Should CNN reveal name of Reddit user who made trump wrestling video?" Cuomo, brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), wrote.

"Get lost you creeps," Steyn said of Cuomo and his coworkers.

He said the media who should really feel under threat are those who have been either killed or threatened as a result of their coverage of things like the Danish Mohammad cartoon.

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