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Mike Huckabee reacted to a Canadian parent who is fighting the government to keep them from assigning a gender to their newborn's birth certificate.

Kori Doty, who identifies as "non-binary trans," wants the province of British Columbia to write neither "male" nor "female" on the baby's paperwork.

Huckabee called it a "disturbing story on so many levels."

He called it a "biological reality" that humans are born physiologically male or female.

"You can pretend that someone is African-American when they're actually white," he said, adding that gender is not negotiable.

"I've raised three kids," he said. "Kids can't decide what they want for dinner. They don't have the maturity to make these decisions."

According to CBC News, Doty hired lawyer barbara findlay (who does not capitalize her name) to help his case.

British Columbia is refusing to issue a birth certificate without an "M" or an "F" being assigned, but the child's official health card is marked with a "U" for "unassigned."

Findlay told the CBC that the government has no business "certifying [male or female gender] information when they don't know it to be true."

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