Tucker on Trump-CNN Vid: One 'Promotes Fictional Narratives & Rigs Fights,' the Other Is WWE

Cavuto: Media Fears 'Silly' Tweet, But Ignores Real Violence From Left

Greg Gutfeld said on "The Five" that President Trump's tweet depicting WWE's Vince McMahon with a CNN head was "silly, harmless, nonsense."

Gutfeld said that despite the entertainment value of the tweet, in which McMahon's head is replaced by a CNN logo as Trump punches him, "humorless libs lost their minds."

He said it was ironic that CNN issued a statement on the matter, saying the clip "incites violence."

CNN issued no such statement for a Shakespeare adaptation that depicted the violent assassination of Trump.

Gutfeld said CNN host Fareed Zakaria applauded the play at the time.

He said he shared the clip with his family at breakfast, and that their only reaction was to laugh and then go about their day.

"That's what normal people do," he said. "When media pretends it's the end of the world, the world knows better."

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