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"Blaze" host Lawrence Jones criticized an Associated Press story that reported on minorities' alleged "mixed feelings" about celebrating America on the 4th of July with President Trump in the White House.

Reporter Russell Contreras filed a report which contained interviews with several Americans who spoke of "troubling times" under the new president.

One interviewee was a Missouri filmmaker who expressed concern over police-involved shootings.

A Massachusetts resident who immigrated from Honduras also had such "mixed feelings."

"What are we celebrating? Are we celebrating democracy?" Patricia Montes said while discussing Trump's immigration policy.

"I believe this is absurd," Jones said of the AP report.

"We endured eight years of President Barack Obama and it didn't stop me from celebrating America," he said. "Leaders come and go, but the American ideas remain the same. And I think we should all roll up our sleeves and make our country great."

Jones said he was reminded of how Frederick Douglass made a speech in 1852 about the importance of an independent America.

"This is a former slave ... Even though slavery existed, it was always against the idea of America," Jones said. "But, we can all celebrate America and strive to make this [a] more perfect union."

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