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Former President Barack Obama is reportedly stepping up his efforts to help Democrats after the party's string of election losses. 

According to The Hill, Obama has had regular phone conversations with DNC Chair Tom Perez and has also met with some lawmakers on a "by-request basis."

The report states: 

The conversations between Obama and the lawmakers and party leaders are said to vary.

With Perez, the men discussed the outlines of the party's future. With others, he has discussed policy.

The 44th president still reportedly prefers to be behind the scenes and not be "out front" as the party looks for a winning message in the 2018 midterm elections. 

Dagen McDowell disagreed with that approach though, arguing that Obama's greatest political gift was his ability to connect with voters.

"His greatest asset is him as a messenger, not the actual message. ... He can craft the best message on planet Earth but if you have someone delivering it who squawks at you like a pterodactyl, nobody is going to listen. ... That's a remark about female candidates and some male candidates as well," she said. 

Watch the "Outnumbered" reaction above.

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