Dershowitz: Mueller Made a 'Mistake' Hiring Lawyers Who Supported Clinton

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation to be shut down. 

Fitton joined "America's News HQ" this afternoon to explain after Mueller's latest hire of Andrew Goldstein, a former prosecutor who worked under Preet Bharara in New York. 

Fitton questioned who is overseeing Mueller's day-to-day conduct, pointing to the 12 hires he has made for his legal team. 

He noted that several of the lawyers donated to Democrats and it seems that the team is "searching for a crime."

"I don't understand what this investigation is about," he said, adding that there are constitutional questions that must be answered.

Mueller is conducting the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election and whether the Trump campaign was involved.

Watch Fitton's remarks above.

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