Podesta: 'It's on the FBI' That DNC Servers Weren't Turned Over

Greg Gutfeld said President Trump acts the way Americans do on vacation.

"Trump's more like America than anyone before him," Gutfeld said on his show. "He's us on vacation."

"We demand things, we get loud, we don't sit and wait for a waiter, we snap our fingers, we jingle our change. Trump does the same thing."

Trump "makes us the scarier ones," the host said.

Gutfeld said America "exports the great ideas" and the "world's great improvements" to the rest of the world, "hoping they push out their bad."

The United States has no interest in taking in the reasons that immigrants leave their own countries, the host pointed out, such as terrorism.

"No wonder everyone's trying to come here. There is no line out of the America, only in," Gutfeld concluded.

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