Presidential Knockout: Trump Tweets Video of Himself Beating Up 'CNN'

Brunell Donald-Kyei said that the "Morning Joe" hosts' comments on President Trump are "evil " and "sinister."

"You don't make evil statements," former chair of the Trump campaign's diversity outreach told "Fox & Friends Weekend."

"The things that they're doing and saying about the president are sinister. They are beneath the dignity of our nation."

"I'm a Democrat who voted for Donald J. Trump," she reminded viewers.

President Trump tweeted personal insults last week at the co-hosts of the MSNBC show, who are his former friends but now some of his harshest critics. His comments to Mika Brzezinski in particular drew accusations of sexism.

"Honestly, I believe that he deals with the men and women with the same energy," Donald-Kyei said.

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The Trump campaigner recalled some of the president's other nicknames for his critics: Lyin Ted for Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-TX), Crooked Hillary for Hillary Clinton, and Crazy Bernie for Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT).

She went on to say she thinks "Morning Joe" is using their platform for their own "political, emotional joy" instead of giving the American public information as good journalists should.

"Get used to it. Get your popcorn and drinks ready. It's going to be a ride," she said.

Presidential Knockout: Trump Tweets Video of Himself Beating Up 'CNN'

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