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A Washington, D.C.-area flag manufacturer said many of the people who purchase his American flags tend to ask whether they are made in the U.S.A.

Over the past century, America has imported many of its wares from China and elsewhere, including American flags.

But, Al Ulmer said there aren't many people who want "Made in China" tagged on the emblem of their United States.

"It's just such a symbol, and there's such pride with it," Ulmer said.

Ulmer owns National Capital Flag Company, near Alexandria, Va.

He said that ever since 9/11, selling his American flags has been a "steady" business.

Before President William Howard Taft officially standardized the placement of the then-48 stars on the flag, each company assembled their banners differently.

From 1912 - the year Arizona became the 48th state - until shortly after Hawaii's 1959 admission to the Union, there were six rows of eight stars.

The current flag has stayed the same ever since.

Leland Vittert reported that in a recent poll, 51 percent of Americans say they are proud of the U.S., while 45 percent say no.

He added that it is hard to distinguish those basing their opinion on patriotism versus politics.

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