Krauthammer on Trump's Tweets: This Is What It's Like in a Banana Republic

Judge Jeanine Pirro said the mainstream media confirmed its left-wing agenda with its coverage of the Trump administration's two homeland security victories this week.

The Supreme Court on Monday approved the temporary travel ban on six majority-Muslim countries, striking down most of the lower court restrictions on the president's executive order.

On Thursday the House passed Kate's Law, which imposes harsher penalties on illegal immigrants, especially criminals, who try to reenter the country. The House also passed a sanctuary city bill.

However, NBC, CBS, and ABC spent much more time on President Trump's personal attacks on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough than either the immigration bills or the travel ban.

This only confirms what we already know, Judge Jeanine told "Fox & Friends."

"The mainstream media is part of this left-wing propaganda where everything is about trashing Donald Trump," the judge commented.

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"What the American people want is they want the ability to be safe," she continued, "And this president is delivering on exactly what he said he would do and the reason we elected him in the first place."

The lax stance some law enforcement and cities have taken toward criminal illegal immigrants is "absurd" and "makes us look like we have no power," she said.

Judge Jeanine reminded viewers that Mexico sentences people to up to ten years in jail if they return after deportation, while the United States hands out benefits to illegals.

America is moving toward "alternate sources" for news, such as cable news and social media because they don't believe the mainstream media, which is not really mainstream, the judge said.

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