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United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the Supreme Court rejected the left's narrative when it gave the nod to President Trump's travel ban.

"It was a major slap down to them," Sessions told "Fox & Friends."

The temporary ban of immigrants from six mainly Muslim countries was upheld in a 9-0 decision Monday, removing most of the lower court restrictions on the order.

Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin filed a lawsuit yesterday over the travel ban, saying its definition of valid "bona fide" reasons for entering the country is too narrow.

Sessions remarked that Chin is just an "activist attorney general."

The Trump administration scored two immigration victories this week. The other one is the House's passage Thursday of Kate's Law, which imposes harsher punishments on illegal immigrants, especially criminals, who try to reenter the country. The House also passed a sanctuary city bill.

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"We just simply cannot allow people who've been deported because they've committed a crime to just blithely reenter and commit more crimes in the United States," Sessions emphasized.

Sanctuary city policies are "frustrating," the attorney general said.

"It makes no sense whatsoever," he said, adding he doesn't understand why a mayor or police department would not turn convicted criminals in the country illegally over to the feds.

"The American people are correct and decent and good. They want a lawful system of immigration ... one they can be proud of," Sessions concluded.

The number of illegal entries dropped significantly during the first three months of President Trump's administration, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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