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On "The Fox News Specialists" tonight, Mark Levin said that the biggest problem with the ongoing health care debate is that it's being argued on the left's terms.

"How about we take the agenda that conservatives claim they support: open up the health care system, explain to the American people that we have to get rid of ObamaCare and 'ObamaCare Lite,' or we're going to have waiting periods, we're going to have rationing," Levin said.

He said that would mean that people with preexisting conditions and senior citizens will be the ones who are hurt.

He said that's why he agrees with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) that the Senate should repeal ObamaCare first and then immediately start working on a replacement plan, one that doesn't expand centralized, government-controlled health care.

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"If they would get on message, push the Rand Paul idea, open up the economy, people would see what would happen as a result of it," Levin said.

"I've had it with the GOP. I'm a conservative," he added, explaining that he votes Republican simply because it's not a vote for the Democrats.

He said the Republican Party is a "progressive party," while the Democratic Party is a "radical left party."

"What is out there for people if we take ObamaCare away? The world is out there for people: opportunity, investment, all kinds of things you can't even think about right now," Levin said.

"Why can't we choose our own health care? Why does the government have to tell us what to choose? These senators - most of whom are knuckleheads - they get to tell me what kind of plan I can have?"

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