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Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said that he expects an alternative to ObamaCare to pass this month.

"The status quo right now is untenable," Price told "Fox & Friends."

President Trump tweeted Friday morning that the Republican Congress should repeal ObamaCare immediately and pass a replacement later if they cannot do so now.

Insurers have been pulling out of the Affordable Health Care Act in states after state. Anthem is the last insurer to pull out of ObamaCare in all of rural Nevada, which will leave the entire area with no plans available under the law next year.

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The administration is fighting for "patients and families and docs to be able to make medical decisions and not Washington, D.C.," Price promised.

Price said that the goal is to have a "seamless" transition for patients moving from Medicare or Medicaid to the private market or individual market.

The system should make sure that "nobody has the rug pulled out from under them" and medical professionals "actually respond to patients."

Another goal is choices in doctors and facilities for patients "instead of what Washington forces them to buy."

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