McCain: Trump's MSNBC Remarks Are 'Beneath the Dignity of the White House'

Congressmen take off more than 200 days a year, according to the congressional calendar.

"I would not want to be a member of Congress heading home for the July the Fourth recess," Stuart Varney said on "Mornings With Maria."

He explained that many Americans will be annoyed that Congress hasn't come close to accomplishing anything on health care or tax reform.

He added that they will have to face many angry constituents in their home states, and not a single Republican congressman will be immune from "vigorous criticism for going anywhere near President Trump."

The House of Representatives will only be in session 147 days in 2017.

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"That's a lot of time off when you haven't accomplished anything yet," Varney remarked.

Some members of the federal legislative body have called for Congress to work through the recess to advance the GOP agenda while they still have majorities in both houses. The 2018 congressional elections loom, threatening especially Republicans' slim two-seat Senate majority.

In early June, the House Freedom Caucus pushed for Congress to power through its summer break to negotiate and pass tax reform.

They better not take summer recess, Varney concluded.

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