Female Kurdish Fighter Smiles, Sticks Her Tongue Out After ISIS Bullet Misses Her Head

National radio host Rush Limbaugh said that the media are "humiliating themselves" with their coverage of the Trump administration.

"Little Jim Acosta" of CNN is "chasing the red laser light point around and bumping into walls and sofas," Limbaugh joked on his Wednesday broadcast.

"The media is now gob-smacked. They are in the process of humiliating themselves every day."

Limbaugh mentioned the "glaring example" of CNN, which had to back away from a story connecting Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian bank system. The story resulted in three CNN employees being let go.

"The whole Russia story has simply consumed the media," the radio pundit said.

"I think Trump has got them so discombobulated and so disoriented that they themselves are being consumed with hatred and rage, and they are frustrated now at their inability to get rid of the guy," Limbaugh concluded.

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