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Eric Bolling has long been a strong supporter of President Donald Trump.

On "Your World" today, he revealed one of his biggest criticisms of the president: how he's handled the Republican plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

He explained that Trump trusted House Speaker Paul Ryan and other lawmakers' assurances that health care reform was "in the bag," and they had a good bill.

"He believed Paul Ryan. He believed leadership in both the House and Senate that it was a good bill," Bolling said. "It's not."

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Bolling suggested that Trump put health care aside and tackle some of his other core campaign promises, like tax reform and infrastructure.

He explained that tax reform appeals to the right, while infrastructure appeals to the left.

"Do them as a package deal," Bolling said. "Who's going to vote no?"

He argued that voters will forget about health care if Trump starts making significant progress on other key pieces of legislation.

"The Republicans are in big trouble if they push this GOP health care plan through and they own it going into 2018 midterm elections," Bolling warned.

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