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Sean Hannity criticized MSNBC host Joe Scarborough in his mini-monologue on Wednesday.

He said Scarborough, a former Republican Florida congressman, has been "vicious, nasty, one-sided, petulant and arrogant" in his coverage of President Trump.

"[Scarborough] lobs baseless insults at the president... and Republicans," Hannity said, calling him a "chameleon and a phony."

He played several clips of Scarborough's intense criticisms of Trump:

Scarborough once called Trump "the greatest liar that's ever sat in the White House," and called the president a "thug" and a "goon" for "mauling" foreign leaders at a NATO meeting.

"[Trump is] Vladimir Putin's hostage," Scarborough said. 

Hannity said Scarborough has intensified his criticisms of Trump in hopes that CNN executive Jeff Zucker will offer him a job.

Hannity also previewed an anti-Trump music video Scarborough produced and performed in.

Watch the mini-monologue above.

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