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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) blasted some of his Republican colleagues for their "weak-kneed" stance on repealing ObamaCare. 

On "Special Report" last night, Laura Ingraham said the failure of the Senate's ObamaCare repeal effort is a "complete embarrassment" for the party. 

Ingraham said in almost every state, Americans are revolting against their plan.

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"They were supposed to deliver this," she said. 

Paul said that the current Senate bill isn't even a repeal of ObamaCare, yet some Republicans are pushing for a more moderate bill. 

He said all Democrats hate the bill and are joined by about half of Republicans, making the bill deeply unpopular. 

Paul said President Trump and other conservative Republican lawmakers promised in rally after rally last year that if elected, Republicans would repeal ObamaCare. 

"Now we're not repealing it, we're keeping it? These weak-kneed Republicans up here who are saying we have to spend more money and we have to keep Medicaid expansion forever, they need to get over themselves and remember what they were for: repealing ObamaCare," said Paul.

Paul said he is still hopeful that a bill to repeal ObamaCare will pass the Senate by August 1. 

Some GOP Senators, like Mike Lee (UT) and Ted Cruz (TX), are siding with Paul, while others - including Dean Heller (NV) and Susan Collins (ME) - are opposing the bill from the center. 

Watch the interview above.

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