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A small business owner in South Carolina says that the government is interfering with his ability to hire a workforce.

Speaking to "Fox & Friends" this morning at the Country Omelet diner in Richburg, South Carolina, Todd explained that his county has had several mills close, which has led to a high number of people on unemployment and welfare.

"So when we're trying to hire people and offer them a $10-an-hour job, people can make more money sitting at home on the couch, drawing a check," he said. "And when they're sitting at home drawing a check, it's hard for me to hire somebody."

"The government is basically my biggest competitor in trying to hire a workforce," he said.

He said he would like to see President Trump address the problem by giving tax credits to small businesses, which would enable them to pay their employees more.

He also suggested mandatory drug tests for anyone who applies for unemployment or welfare.

"You have to do drug-testing to get a job. So do drug-testing to get a welfare check," Todd said. "If you don't pass your drug test, you don't get a check."

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