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Writer and "Rush Limbaugh Show" guest host Mark Steyn said he would support replacing CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta with Elmo from "Sesame Street."

Steyn said Acosta is a prime example of how "Journalist-Americans" have become the "latest hyphenated victim group."

Acosta has criticized the White House's press office for the way it conducts its press briefings.

Sometimes, the White House will ban video cameras and only allow audio recorders.

He said that CNN's Russia narrative is akin to "selling a bag that has all the packaging of potato chips, but there are no potato chips inside."

Steyn noted how the network asked Elmo what he thought of Syrian refugees, calling it the "least-nutty thing" CNN has done.

Steyn said Elmo made for such a comparatively coherent subject that he would support Acosta being replaced by the cheery monster.

Watch the clip above.

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