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On Fox Business Network today, Stuart Varney ripped the left for pumping out "violent political propaganda" in the hope that it sways voters.

He pointed to the infamous "Granny Off the Cliff" ad, which takes aim at the Republican health care bill by portraying House Speaker Paul Ryan tossing an elderly woman from her wheelchair over the edge of a cliff.

Varney pointed out that the group behind the video, The Agenda Project, was quick to claim a victory because the ad was covered on Fox News Channel and other networks.

"You think airtime wins? I think violent, extreme propaganda loses," Varney said.

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He said this is just the most recent example of the left's "scare tactics."

He pointed to a play that featured a character in the likeness of Trump being murdered, Kathy Griffin's infamous mock Trump beheading photo shoot, and Madonna's statement that she has "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House."

"If stabbing the president in effigy or holding an image of his severed head or Hollywood celebrities urging the burning of the White House, if all of that were effective, the Democrats would have won the Georgia election," Varney said. "But they didn't."

He added that the hyperbole surrounding the Republican health care bill that's coming from Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi is also ineffective.

"The old guard left still can't believe they lost the election. They should take a hard look at the propaganda they're shoving at us," Varney said. "They'll lose the next one too if they can't come up with a growth plan of their own and knock off the violence."

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