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President Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday morning to blast CNN for the publication of a Russia-related article that was later retracted.

The story, published last Thursday, reported that Congress was investigating President Donald Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci's ties to a Russian investment fund.

In the retraction, the network said the story “did not meet CNN’s editorial standards.”

CNN has accepted the resignations of three journalists involved in the publication of the article, and it is now requiring approval from two top editors before any Russia-related story can be published.

President Trump took to Twitter to rip CNN, which he called "fake news."

He also retweeted a graphic of the CNN logo altered to read “FNN: Fake News Network.”

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On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Eric Bolling said the retracted CNN article shows that the mainstream media is running with anti-Trump stories before they take the time to fact-check.

"They have such an interest in attaching something in the form of collusion to Donald Trump or the Trump administration," Bolling said. "They're in such a rush to tattoo him with that, they don't do their homework, their due diligence."

He added that this is hopefully a "wake-up call" to the rest of the mainstream media that they should halt the baseless attacks on Trump.

"This could be a turning point in a positive direction for Trump."

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