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Clinton campaign adviser Richard Goodstein compared President Trump's actions regarding Russia to those of retired NFL star O.J. Simpson.

Tucker Carlson asked Goodstein about President Obama's 2016 assertion that "no serious person out there" could suggest Russia could interfere in American elections.

"What changed? The facts or the reality of the Democratic Party?" he asked.

Goodstein said the "most damning thing" about the Trump-Russia storyline is that former FBI Director James Comey said Trump never asked him about Russia in their nine conversations.

"It's reminiscent of O.J. not asking the police what happened to Nicole," Goodstein said.

Simpson, a former USC and Buffalo Bills running back, was acquitted of the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Goodstein agreed Obama should testify before Congress on the matter if asked, but said it's likely his story won't change.

"He told [Vladimir] Putin to knock it off," Goodstein said of the 44th president.

Watch the clip above.

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