LISTEN: CNN's Acosta Confronts Spicer Over Off-Camera Briefing

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CNN anchor Don Lemon called on media organizations to disobey the Trump White House and turn on the cameras for all Sean Spicer briefings. 

The White House been criticized by CNN and other media for holding off-camera briefings in recent days. 

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Reporter Jim Acosta repeatedly challenged Spicer yesterday, challenging him to allow the cameras. 

He then accused the White House of mostly "blackballing" his network during the briefings and refusing to take his questions.  

"I think someone has to take a stand and turn the cameras on and see what the ramifications are. They can't kick everybody out," Lemon told Acosta. 

Meghan McCain responded on "Outnumbered" that anyone who's been to a D.C. cocktail party knows that more than 90 percent of Washington journalists are liberals. 

"They go on TV wanting to have a Twitter moment, wanting to be famous," she said. 

Radio host Leslie Marshall, a Democrat, said Americans have a right to see the briefing and it's "wrong" to conduct the events without cameras. 

"It infringes on the First Amendment rights, not just of the press, but of the public who have wanted transparency for years and continue to crave that," said Marshall. 

Spicer's briefing Tuesday is set to be on-camera. 

Watch the discussion above.

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