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Libertarian sociologist Charles Murray discussed protests against his speeches on college campuses.

Murray wrote "The Bell Curve," and often speaks about the "growing class divide" that has led to the rise of President Trump.

Murray said he was stunned that many of those protesting his speech at Middlebury College in New England proudly said they never actually read his work.

"Faculty members bragged about not reading my stuff," he said. "But they still knew I was a bad guy."

He said that his message to students at high-end colleges like Middlebury is that they are the "new elite."

"You ... have to be aware of all the ways the elite are screwing the working class in this country," he said, describing his message to them.

He said that the Middlebury incident is not necessarily an epidemic but that it is "toxic" to the belief that universities are spaces for intellectualism.

"What went on inside that lecture hall was a repudiation of what the university is all about," Murray said.

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