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CNN reporter Jim Acosta confronted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer today over cameras not being allowed at the briefing. 

Spicer conducted the audio-only briefing this afternoon. Acosta began to interject with a follow-up question as another reporter started to speak. 

"There are no cameras on, Jim," Spicer said. 

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"Maybe you should turn the cameras on, Sean," said Acosta, repeatedly pressing Spicer on why the cameras were off. 

Another reporter then asked Spicer to address the issue. Spicer said some days the cameras will be on and some days they will be off.

It's just the latest tense exchange between the two men. Last week, Acosta called Spicer "kind of useless" on CNN, expressing anger at the off-camera briefings. 

Acosta's comment came after a briefing last week in which no recording was allowed.

Watch the clip above and reaction from "America's News HQ."

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