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In a mini-monologue, Sean Hannity blasted the chief executive of CNN, Jeff Zucker, for his network's repeated incidents of anti-Trump bias.

Hannity said Zucker's network will do anything in his power to take down President Trump.

He slammed the network for having to fully retract and apologize for a story that accused Trump confidant Anthony Scaramucci of shady dealings with a Russian investment fund.

Hannity played a montage of clips, including Anderson Cooper claiming Camp Hill, Pa.-based writer Jeffrey Lord supported Trump so strongly, he would accept the president defecating on his desk.

He also played a clip from CNN that claimed Trump acted in an untoward manner by taking two scoops of ice cream while those around him only took one during a meal.

Hannity asked why Zucker is "allowing this culture of biased, anti-Trump" sentiment at CNN.

He asked whether Zucker is trying to use CNN as a political tool to destroy the Trump administration.

Watch Hannity's remarks above.

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